Who we are

Joanne Pellew

Director Joanne Pellew is an entrepreneur at heart. Joanne’s proven strengths are:


  • Workforce Planning
  • Directing Labour Hire
  • Managing Training and Mentoring
  • Business Development


As a Noongar woman, she is driven to make a difference within the indigenous community by championing employment solutions on a national level. After founding her first business in Broome at the age of 21, Joanne has been involved in indigenous business and affairs ever since.


For the last eight years, Joanne has been dedicated to closing the indigenous unemployment gap, by collaborating with both industry and the indigenous workforce. Her primary business has employed almost 1,500 indigenous people into work through the labour hire and recruitment model, on a purely commercial model and without government funding or assistance.


As a result of that business, Joanne has since built the largest database of indigenous workers in the country. The national footprint developed by Joanne has since contributed to securing commercial contracts with the federal government.


Joanne founded Ochre Workforce Solutions in 2010, as the first Indigenous labour hire company servicing the mining industry of WA. Ochre has since diversified into a registered training organisation (RTO), providing training and mentoring for those beginning their employment journey.  The pre-employment unit of Ochre helps jobseekers upskill, gain confidence, and achieve the required knowledge before entering a new job. Joanne is the only indigenous woman in WA to operate a private RTO. It is a testament to her passion and dedication to Indigenous employment, that she has been able to do so without government funding or assistance.

Robin Frankle

Fellow Director is Robin Frankle. Robin is highly experienced in:


  • Bid Management
  • Indigenous Business Development
  • Project Management and Delivery
  • HSEQ


Robin has almost 30 years’ experience as a Mechanical Engineer with approx. 25 years of delivering multi - disciplinary complex resource and Defence Infrastructure projects as a Project Director. Robin is currently completing his Master’s degree in Project Management and demonstrates a dynamic career with quantifiable achievements across safety, project delivery, tender proposals, business development, revenue growth and profit margin as well as employee/contractor attraction, retention and performance.


Develops collaborative partnerships, builds alliances and networks locally and nationally within Defence, mining companies, governmental, consulting and the construction sectors. Robin has been instrumental in developing new EPC strategies within a changing project delivery climate. As a Senior Manager he brings a wealth of knowledge, ‘can-do’ attitude, stability, drive and commitment to the team. Robin has a hands-on management style, motivates teams for success and holds people accountable for the safety and quality of projects. Robin ensures the attainment of the highest safety, quality, environmental, schedule and industrial relations outcomes through application of company/client procedures and project plans.


Robin is multi skilled and possess the ability to deliver at the highest level for all activities. Robin is an energetic promoter of new initiatives, gains inspiration by finding new ways, new methods and new avenues to optimise team safety and performance, gain stakeholder support and deliver strategic business goals. Robin mentors Indigenous businesses in project management and business skills as well as developing long-term relationships with businesses and communities.



Geoff Jenkins

Project Director is Geoff Jenkins. Geoff is highly experienced in:


  • Project Management
  • Project Delivery
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Safety

Geoff has 30 years’ experience as a Mechanical / Project Manager / Director delivering multi-disciplinary complex projects as a Project Manager / Construction/Project Director. Geoff demonstrates a delivery focused career with quantifiable achievements in safety, project delivery, value creation, proposal & business and new business creation into Innovative services, Defence and Infrastructure. He is also a AIPM Certified Project Director.


His focus is development of indigenous jobs, projects and partnering/relationships with strong focus on client relations, governance and assurance processes and practices to sustain growth for communities and businesses within those communities achieved through mentorship and support. Geoff is accountable for project performance and attends strategic, PEER and client reviews, participates in client feedback and project milestone reviews and deliverables.


Geoff’s international experience includes iron ore in Kazakhstan, processing in the Philippines, engineering services in India, phosphate in Turkey and oil and gas in New Zealand. He  demonstrates competent leadership whilst being part of the team providing mentorship, support and employee/contractor attraction, retention as well as delivering projects on time and budget. He has specific experience is leading and delivering  long term multiyear performance contracts always ensuring safety first skills application with increased business opportunities coupled with competent and repeatable performance.


His local experience includes oil & gas and refining capital projects, gas pipeline projects, defence and mining projects and infrastructure engineering and construction projects. He has excellent skills in contract management, project management and construction management. Geoff’s direct experience includes BP Kwinana capital projects, Conoco Phillips capital projects, Epic Energy pipeline and capacity expansion, BHP Olympic Dam project & construction delivery, Defence engineering services and projects in fuel farms, explosive ordnance and electrical services and recently with Aboriginal Hostels Limited delivering Electrical and HVAC services.





Perth (Head Office) +61 8 9470 1008

ABN 196 2372 2547