How We Work

  • As an Indigenous business we are ‘closing the gap’ by employing or engaging other Indigenous businesses, delivering projects and services.
  • We tap into local and regional Indigenous based businesses to benefit from Industry and Government engagement initiatives. We mentor our partners to build sustainable businesses, improve project skills and efficiencies as well as grow and support their communities. Improve Aboriginal employment by providing the structure and platform to win work and provide an ongoing and sustainable workload .
  • Be a success story for our clients and in the communities where we work. Deliver new skills and use these skills in our projects and services. Be the champion go-to business for Indigenous services and successfully compete with non-Indigenous businesses. Ensure skilled and trained personnel get used and retained and ensure they don’t get lost through disengagement our loss of opportunity. Sponsor Indigenous endeavors, nationally and internationally. Provide a hand-up, not a hand-out.
  • Our proven capability and competency from projects and services delivered including prior experience provides the platform to expand and employ more people. When we engage our partners, we ensure their success by providing a helping hand with project accounts, mentoring and business support.
  • We strive to secure a base-load on going work for our people to be fully employed, gain new skills, receive new training and competencies and grow businesses to be financial secure. Our specialist services provide skilled technical resources and we will employ qualified and competent Indigenous technicians and graduates to complete these assignments.




Robin  0413 196 770

Geoff 0417 160 201

ABN 196 2372 2547