IPSA Holdings Health & Safety Practices

A workplace culture that is centred upon safety

The safety of our people, delivery partners, Defence personnel and the public is always our number one priority. We do not compromise – we ensure every workplace has a positive safety culture and our people have the support they need to carry out their work safely.

Across many challenging sites – including intensive operational environments, remote locations and constrained footprints with multiple large plant and public interfaces – our safety record is second to none – Contact us for the latest safety stats.

 The principles that guide us include:

  • A consistent focus on eliminating high risk activities
  • A rigorous system of site controls, proactively managed by experienced site managers
  • An open, inclusive culture that provides opportunities for personnel, subcontractors, clients and stakeholders to provide feedback and input on safety processes
  • Creating an environment in which nobody feels pressured to undertake any activity they feel is unsafe
  • Implementation of regular training and awareness initiatives
  • A visible commitment to safety from our leaders.